If you're having issues with any of our products then please contact us for help.

RPG Maker Plugin Support

Free Plugins

We do not provide email support for our free community plugins and it is advised you use the various social outlets to receive support.


Do know that LTN Games does interact with these outlets from time to time and you may still receive "official" support

The following are a list of the social outlets you may use to ask for help with our free plugins.

  • RPG Maker Web Forums

  • RPG Maker Central

  • LTN Games

  • Lunatic Server

  • RPG Maker Portal

Premium Plugins

If you purchased a premium plugin then you are granted access to our email support. Premium plugin email support allows you to email us about any issues you have with any of the premium plugins you own. Feel free to let us know about any of the following problems.

  • Compatability issues
  • Performance issues
  • Bugs
  • Documentation errors
  • General plugin advice
  • Demos and other asset files
  • Other

It is advised to use the same email address as the one you used to purchase the premium plugin. You can use another email but you may be asked for proof of purchase.

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