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January In Perspective and What the Future Holds

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@LTN Games - February 1, 2024

Hey RPG Maker community!

We are thrilled to share the latest and most notable developments in our plugin collection over the last month or so. We've been hard at work to enhance your game development experience, and here's a quick rundown of what we've been up to:

Master Plugin Demo for MZ

We've started crafting a comprehensive master plugin demo that will encompass both our paid and free plugins. This demo is currently tailored for MZ, but we're considering creating a scaled-down version for MV as well. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Game Backup Plugin

The Game Backup plugin for RPG Maker is an advanced backup solution for your games! It makes sure your game and all its data are safe. With this tool, you can easily make copies of your game while you're testing it, so if anything unexpected happens, you have a backup ready. Game Backup will be receiving further updates in the month of February; we are hoping to release cloud backups and Git integration.

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Exit Control Plugin Release

Introducing Exit Control - a plugin designed to allow players to exit their gaming experience gracefully and safely. We believe in providing a seamless user experience, even when players decide to leave the game. Exit Control will also be receiving further updates in the month of February to include a "Save and Exit" command.

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Plugin Fixes Galore!

We've been busy addressing issues and enhancing functionality across multiple plugins. Here are some highlights:

Pause Mode X:

  • Users can now hold navigation keys to quickly cycle through buttons.
  • Resume functionality added, allowing the pause key to be used again to unpause and return to the previous scene.
  • Improved handling of keyboard button selection.
  • Fixed a crash caused by disabled buttons during keyboard navigation.
  • Disabled buttons in the plugin's parameters no longer affect menu positioning.

Check out the devlogs here

v1.1.0 - MZ Support and Pause Battles

v1.2.0 - Navigation Improvements

Skip Video:

  • Added support for multiple keys or all keys to skip a video.
  • Support for multiple gamepad buttons or all gamepad buttons to skip a video.
  • Fixed a bug displaying skip text after consecutive video playthroughs.
  • Mouse and touch support now respect settings in the plugin's parameters.
  • Backend refactor for stability, compatibility, and readability.
  • MZ compatibility added.
  • Hold to skip feature introduced with mouse, touch, and keyboard support.
  • Removed the old press key or click once to skip functionality.
  • Added a skip indicator for a visual cue before completion to prevent crashes.

Check out the devlogs here

v2.0.0 - Enhancing Stability and Compatibility

v2.1.0 - Gamepad and Multiple Key Support

What Lies Ahead?

The future is brimming with exciting developments in our plugin arsenal! Here's a sneak peek at what's on the horizon:

  1. Chapter Select X Update: Prepare for an enhanced Chapter Select X experience! We're gearing up to release an update with bug fixes and full compatibility with RPG Maker MZ. Stay tuned for a smoother and more refined Chapter Select X. Beta is available, feel free to test it out as we continue development

  2. Time System Revamp: Dusting off the archives, we're revamping our old Time System plugin for a grand re-release. Brace yourselves for an upgraded time-management experience that adds a new layer of depth to your games.

  3. Game Resolution Plugin: Ever wished for more control over your game's display? Introducing our upcoming Game Resolution plugin! Unlock advanced screen options in RPG Maker, allowing you to seamlessly select resolution, change aspect ratios, and more—all without the need to restart your game.

We're constantly working to improve and appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you encounter any issues or have suggestions for future enhancements.

Happy game making!