Quest Journal

What does this plugin do?

Want to create quests for your game? Want to give your players an in-depth storyline that is easy to track? Look no further, Quest Journal comes with a quest scene to see all your quests displayed in an organized fashion. It's very simple to use and comes packed with a quest editor to make creating quests fast and easy.




  • Includes a quest editor so you can easily create your quests using a GUI interface and not bore yourself with note-tags or JSON files.
  • Run a common event when a quest starts, fails or completes, giving you more control over your storyline.
  • Assign each quest to its own category and create your own custom categories.
  • Track your quest and display the quest name and current objective while on the map, in it's own customizable window.
  • Use icons as commands, or text, or both!
  • Change the font size for each block of text.
  • Change each heading text within the journal
  • Auto select active quest and auto expand the category upon entering the Journal scene.
  • Control the flow of your quests with over 10 script calls and 6 plugin commands


No extensions available


Terms Of Use

MIT License

✓ Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial products