Event Labels

What does this plugin do?

Event Labels gives you the ability to visually add text or images to an events graphic. It is useful for giving visual cues for the player. Event labels appear over and above the event and can be customized to only appear within a specific range. Quickly add short messages, images and icons above any event that you choose with easy to use note-tags which give you over 16 customization options and creative freedom to do what you please.




  • Choose an image or text to appear on or above the player
  • Change the position by adjusting the x and y offset.
  • Give each label a visibility range, so they don't appear until you're close enough
  • Change multiple text/font options for each label, including size, font face and color.
  • Use message codes to add icons, actor names or variable values for each label.


No extensions available


Terms Of Use

MIT License

✓ Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial products