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What does this plugin do?

Core contains useful options for any game developer, it helps them by extending the functionality of RPG Maker MV simply by providing bug fixes and debug options for use with any project.

Core also has built-in many useful functions for plugin developers.



  • Change resolution beyond 800x600
  • Start game in fullscreen
  • Force renderer to canvas or WebGL
  • Re-scale background for large resolutions.
  • Re position battlers for large resolutions.


  • Choose a key to take a screenshot
  • Choose the path to download the screenshot
  • Choose the image quality
  • Only works locally via desktop using Node.


  • Skip Title
  • Developer tools (console) on game boot
  • Show FPS(Frame Per Second) on game boot


  • Adjusted all bitmaps to be drawn rounded to avoid floating point coordinates for better performance when drawing bitmaps.

Bug Fixes

  • Vehicle BGM fix (a bug causing the new map's BGM to not change when exiting vehicle)


Core is required for all plugin(s) to work.


No requirements

Terms Of Use

MIT License

✓ Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial products