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These are older plugins designed to be used with RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 and lower. For updates follow FeniXEngine MV, it's a brand new and fully open source project and will feature optimizations and compatibility updates of most of our plugins you see listed on this page.



The core plugin is required by all other plugins listed. The core plugin is responsible for handling common tasks and provides you with debugging and general system settings like resolution.


Time Engine

The time engine that could, and still does very well. If you your game lacks time then Time Engine will fix that for you, with loads of customization's, good performance and compatibility with other plugins you can ensure it's the only time engine you'll ever need.


Day And Night

A day and night add on for Time Engine! Give your game cycles and take advanced control of your games day and night life.


Quest Journal

Want to create quests for your game? Want to give your players an in-depth storyline that is easy to track? Look no further, Quest Journal comes with a quest scene to see all your quests displayed in an organized fashion, it's very simple to use and comes packed with a quest editor.



Layers will give you the ability to add custom images to map or battle scenes, essentially giving you extra layers to draw on. If you want your maps to stand out then creating them in an external graphics program gives you the ability to draw anywhere you want, no restriction, and Layers will allow you to bring it to life.


Waypoint System

Waypoint System is a Diablo II inspired plugin that will let you add a set of waypoints or locations to transfer the player to. It comes with a scene to show you all the waypoints in an organized list, so you can quickly select a waypoint and transfer to it. You will also have the ability to add categories for each waypoint and you can decide to lock and unlock them throughout your game's story.


Pause Mode

A customizable pause scene, enhancing mobile play and increasing accessibility by giving players access to important game elements. Quickly show the player things like playtime and current location, as well as give them access to a variety of buttons.. Pause Mode is a great way to add some extra pizzazz to the plain ol' boring main menu.


Event Labels

Event Labels gives you the ability to visually add text or images to an events graphic. It is useful for giving visual cues for the player. Event labels appear over and above the event and can be customized to only appear within a specific range. Quickly add short messages, images and icons above any event that you choose with easy to use note-tags which give you over 16 customization options and creative freedom to do what you please.


Social Media Buttons

What better way to get more followers than to share you social media links on the title screen of your game! Weather your game is free or it's simply a demo, Social Media Buttons is the perfect option to get some extra followers and fans.Social Media Buttons adds icons/images to the title screen of your game project which act as buttons and allows opening of an external link in the default system browser. Especially useful for projects still in Beta or an online game.


Item Categories

Ever wanted your items menu to be more organized? Well, that's what Item Categories does for you. It allows you to place your items into categories so your items are easier to find in the item scene.


Window Pop

Extend functionality and allow your game to give an informative pop-up, letting the player know when they've received an item, lost an item, or any custom message you would like to relay to the players of your game.